Street Dance Cardiff

***Due to relocation, we have currently stopped all sessions and classes. We will send out info from our news letter should things start up again, but there is no present plans for the future. ***

Welcome to the Street Dance Cardiff website!

About Us:

We are a small Cardiff based dance company, with classes for Adults.

From the Beginning of November we will be running two 3 hour sessions per month, which you will need to book a place onto the previous month. These sessions will be focusing on specific dance styles which are; Locking, Popping, Hip-Hop, Breaking and House. These 5 styles of dancing are, what could be classed as, the original styles of street dance, from which other styles have branched.

Street Dance Cardiff is designed to help beginner dancers take their first steps in Street Dance, and to improve people who already have a good basic dance knowledge.

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Class times & information – Please click on the links below for information on our classes:

Monthly Sessions

Please have a look around the site to find more information on our classes, workshops and upcoming events!


“Hip hop and dance have become my life. Although I’ve lived in NYC for almost 10 years, I was not born in NY. I’m from New Hampshire, USA. I have, however, made hip hop my own, embraced it and now a part of it. Hip hop culture has inspired me to believe I can be anyone I want to be even if i do come from suburbia. It has definitely inspired the world. It has given me something to HOPE for which is not only an American trait, but what makes us human.

- Matt Lopez, NYC Hip Hop Teacher (student of Bhudda Stretch, a pioneer of Hip Hop Dance) 

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